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Who I Am

"I like French fries; I like mashed. I love potatoes." -Mary J. Blige

  My evil twin and me.

My evil twin and me.


David Brouillette

"Tell me about yourself" is a daunting question. I love it. I think you can tell so much about someone by how they answer it. What's the first thing they say? What's so important to them that it's the first thing they want you to know.

I deflected the question and instead posed a rhetorical question myself. I'm not quite sure what this says about me. Probably that I find myself to be the hardest subject to write about. Honestly, a look around my site will tell you more about me than any paragraph I could put here, but I'll give it a shot!

I'm a creative at heart, I always have been. Creativity takes a million different forms. When I was little, I'd write plays and perform them for my parents. Now, I do film photography and help create outfits for my drag queen best friend. The outlet's changed (just a bit), but the drive behind it is the same: I like to make things, and I like to tell stories.

After my year abroad in England (fair warning--I talk about this way too much), I changed my major to advertising on a whim. I was hooked after my first class. The idea that I could have a job helping brands tell stories is almost too perfect.





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